A mal tiempo buena cara



Today this blog is one year old.

I started it in one of my friend’s house. And as I do not like to forget the matters I begin, I had to continue writing!! Though, to be honest, sometimes is difficult to know what to write. The best thing is writing suddenly. If I think too much I never make up my mind. And if I do not make up my mind is because there are too many points to consider. The most important one for me is taking into account whether the topic I have in mind is interesting for a possible reader.  On the other hand, updating a blog is a bit tedious if you are a person who wants to express properly your ideas. At least for me this is one of my goals: I want you to understand without difficulties what I write. Finally, we have an enemy called laziness that we have to defeat. This enemy usually appears when we are trying to update our blog.

Anyway, thanks for your visit. I do not think that I had been motivated to write without you on the other side of the screen.

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