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Dress down

Dress down

I’ve discovered in the UK a curious habit I didn’t know in my country: It is called "dress down". When you work in an office, you have to dress properly from Monday to Thursday, but on Friday you can wear any kind of clothes, because it is the "dress down day".  In my experience, dress down means that you cannot wear jeans.

Having a look again to my experience and my office, there are people wearing an everyday dress down. It is true that they don`t wear jeans. But they wear other kind of trousers and T-shirts very far from being smart.

It`s funny. Jeans make you slovenly. But not a pair of worn-out corduroy trousers.

That makes no sense

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mortiziia -

Casual Friday or dress down Friday actually means that you CAN wear jeans. You put it the other way round. When you do the opposite, you dress up - for a party, for a wedding, you name it.
Many offices in the UK do NOT have any dress code, but many of those that do, do NOT have a dress down day.