A mal tiempo buena cara


We often say that the French are chauvinist as they believe all the French things are the best. In my opinion, it is a matter of interpretation. Who does not love their country? I see this chauvinism very clear in Spain showed by two sentences very popular throughout the country.

1. The Spaniards are the most friendly and open

Compared to?? Well, it just so happens that these sort of things are said without knowing we are talking about since it is easy to realize that who says it has never lived abroad and has rarely dealt with foreigners. This sentence, the one which titles this point, proves that perhaps the Spaniards (some of them) are open and friendly but also quite narrow-minded. We are as we are, not better than the rest. Otherwise, ask the Latin Americans their opinion about the Spaniards. And, mostly, they answer Spaniards are cold. But someone does not want to recognize it.

 2. There is no place like Spain.

Why? Because we have sunshine, good weather, good food... but, is that all for our lives? These sentence seems to me a lack of respect to the rest of the countries. As if the lifestyle in Spain is the best in the world. Again, why? I am sure that  British people living all their lives in United Kingdom and only knowing the United Kingdom believe that there is no place like the United Kingdom.

We should know other lifestyles, cultures and countries in order not to think we are always right.

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