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Football and Pub

Football and Pub

After three years in this country, my first time watching a football match in a pub was two weeks ago.

Match: Champion's League semifinal. Chelsea - F.C. Barcelona.

We were very quiet and hiding our gestures and feelings, just in case.

We noticed two amazing things:

1. The best Chelsea's supporters were not British. It is what we supposed, acording to their accent.

2. When Barcelona scored, a group of British teenagers yelled and leaped for joy. Afterwards, we found out that, apparently, Chelsea is not a very popular team. Mainly because of its owner/president.

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Yo -

Well, we will watch the match at home, for sure. Good luck for F.C. Barcelona!!

mortiziia -

Where will you watch the Champion's League final? My BF is going to the pub with a couple of friends, but I don't feel like taking chances... not even after your favourable report!