A mal tiempo buena cara

What can we do for them?

It is so difficult… Wealthy people will be always wealthier and poor people always poorer. And it is also difficult to find an efficient way to help. There are too many factors involved. 

We need to bear in mind that, for example, USA is not a developed country owing to the fact that its name is USA. A developed country is the result of the efforts of he citizens who have worked for that. 

Regarding this subject, developing countries have a hard future. Their societies are corrupt, and this is the reason why their politicians are corrupt. Sometimes the inhabitants of these countries hallucinate when they see a safe country with reliable people. Other issue is the legislative matter. There are some countries where nobody stays within the law. If you do so, you are rather stupid as none does it. It is not easy to progress in these circumstances.

When we speak about poverty, images of people dying of starvation cross our minds. Indeed, inhabitants of developed countries should eat half our normal portions everyday so that everybody has enough food resources.

Anyway, there are many poor people in this world who are happy. They do not have a lot of stuff but, even so, they are not starving to death and this is ore than enough for them. They are usually generous people, who enjoy the little something. Why are the poorest always the most generous?

I would like to introduce this short film, lovely in my opinion, which rich countries should learn of. These images should be for us like a lesson of humility. 

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